long arm stitching for your quilt top

I charge by the square inch. To find the price for the long-arm stitching, measure your quilt's length and width in inches and follow this model:

Length x Width x Rate

Example 90 x 70 x .015 = $94.50

Sometimes prices may be higher than listed if an extensive amount of stitching time is required. I will contact you before stitching your project to discuss pricing and I will give you options to achieve the best end results. Simple Edge to Edge Designs are .015 per square inch- includes meandering, stippling, loopy line and other simple designs.

Moderate Edge to Edge Design are .015 per square inch- includes meandering or loopy lines with other motifs scattered throughout.  Other motifs can include stars, hearts, leaves, diamonds, flowers, and more.



Binding on your quilt

To make from customer supplied fabric and machine bind: $0.20 per inch

Attach prepared binding only: $0.10 per inch

To hand sew your binding on: $0.40 per inch